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Another Squarespace website complete!

It was a pleasure to work with Joe on this website, one of my first Squarespace sites! He needed a redesign of his existing HTML website and chose Squarespace because of their attractive templates and their tendency to be more cost-effective over WordPress websites.

I started out by looking at all the templates and choosing one that was as close to the desired look as possible. With Squarespace websites, there isn’t a whole lot you can do with regards to design, but arranging the client’s content in a way that flows and makes sense can be a bit of a challenge! As you can see below, Joe needed an English and Spanish version displayed simultaneously.

I added Spanish to the navigation menu:
English and Spanish

And I added it to his services listing:

We also used Spanish and English side-by-side on all the content pages:
Spanish and English

Check out the live site! »

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