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Introducing the new Lawyer Resources website!

This one was so fun to create because it was a little technical and required some serious thought (I love a challenge!). The logo was created by my colleague and good friend Jacob Williamson, of Jacob Williamson Design. The color scheme and typography for the website were chosen by me based on example websites from the client. I wanted to make sure the website turned out exactly as he envisioned Lawyer Resources, so I included ideas from as many of his favorite websites as I could.

This is a membership website, so guests have to sign up to see certain pages and have access to certain resources. There is a free and a paid option, and the website uses the Stripe payment gateway (with SSL) to complete the transaction directly on the website. There is also a forum feature, where logged-in users can post topics and replies.


As you can see, the website is also set up to show advertisements on the forum pages in a non-obtrusive way, further monetizing the website. Another important facet of this website is the template page, where we list numerous downloadable templates. These templates are protected, meaning only users can download them. We also used a plugin to track how many times each template has been downloaded. This will really help in determining which templates are most popular, as well as adding an option for version control if the client chooses to use it.

I used the Divi premium theme with this one, and I will be using it for all my projects going forward. Yes, it’s that good!!

What do you think of the new site?


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