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I’m so excited to launch the new For Goodness Cake website!

This one has been a long time coming. Last year, I was desperate for portfolio work. I had already built two fictitious websites, and I knew I needed more. But coming up with fake businesses and content isn’t easy and it’s time consuming, so I started looking around at people I knew who had a business but weren’t quite ready for a website. Fortunately for me, I have a friend who was just starting her cake decorating business at the time. I asked her if I could use her business name, images, and other materials she used for her business so I could build a website around it- and she said yes! It was a win-win, I got to use the website in my portfolio, and she had a ready-to-go site for when she decided to implement one!
Original For Goodness Cake Website

This is the original site I did a year ago. Not too bad for someone who was two months into their freelancing career! Originally, I thought it was logical to have each new cake as a blog post, so she could write a little something about it and it’s ingredients and they would all display from newest to oldest. Once the site launched, we quickly bagged that idea because she basically had to write something about each cake, and who has time for that? She bakes a lot of cakes! So we decided to go with a gallery-style site. We separated the images into categories: Birthdays, Wedding Cakes, Cookies, etc. and gave them their own separate pages with an image gallery. This way, a customer can go directly to the gallery they want and immediately see all the images relevant to that category. The website also featured a pricing table and an area for customers to pay online with PayPal.

New & Improved For Goodness Cake Website

Fast-forward to now: it’s a year later, and I have learned so much since then. So I suggested we update the website! As you can see, we kept the gallery-style pages, which really work great for this website. We ditched the PayPal payments because no one ever paid online anyway, and we kept the pricing menu. The biggest change to this website is the overall style. It’s full-width, modern, classy, simple, and elegant all rolled into one! It also shows off the pink and black in the logo without overpowering it. Another big change we made to the website is the addition of the “Happy Customers” page! This page is so cool, you can upload a picture of yourself with a cake baked by For Goodness Cake for a chance to be featured on the website! The slider shows off all their smiling faces so well, and gets people excited about the brand and the experience of a custom-decorated cake. Also featured on that page are some testimonials she’s collected, which are ALL rave reviews!! We also got rid of the contact form and replaced it with a “Request a Custom Creation” form. The contact form was used as a way to initiate a conversation about what kind of cake they want, flavor, etc. so we thought we should combine the two forms to take out some of the back-and-forth of the emailing process. A lot of her customers like to email her pictures of cakes as an example of what they want, so we added a place in the form where customers can upload an example picture as well.

This website is one of my favorites so far! Let me know what you think about it!

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