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Welcome to the web, Core Habits!

Jessica is a dream client. I’m so happy I was able to work with her, and I’m even happier that I get to host and maintain her website for the foreseeable future!

Core Habits by Jessica Lazos is a service dedicated to helping people improve their gut health by changing their daily habits. The logo was designed by Alex Hildebrand of Hildebrand Design Co. It’s gorgeous, right??! 😍 I used the colors he used in the logo for the accent colors throughout the site. The imagery used on the website stems from a stock photo, taken in a way that makes it look like it’s NOT a stock photo!

The website is built on WordPress with my modified Divi child theme. There’s not much to it aside from her blog and the wealth of information she provides about gut health and eating right. If her visitors want to keep up with her content, they can sign up for her mailing list and automatically get a free PDF download just for signing up! And once her clients decide on a program, they can make a payment on the website through PayPal.

Another interesting thing about this website is its TLD (top-level domain). We decided on “” (instead of .com) because of its uniqueness and probability of standing out. TLDs are becoming more and more popular, and it will not hurt your Google search results by using one.

Check out the live site! »

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