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The new face of BCD.

BCD is the premier real estate brokerage and construction management firm for developing food and beverage brands. Their wide range of clients includes Bareburger, Dos Torros, Benihana, Mexicue, Jersey Mike’s, and Five Guys, just to name a few.

This website was built with Divi using my custom-built child theme. As far as development goes, the website is simple in that there is no added functionality or features. The site is purely informational with the exception of the contact form.

My favorite part about this website is the amazing photography. I love how the photographers were able to capture the look and feel of the design, it is truly stunning! With that in mind, I wanted to make sure the photos were front and center, immediately showing off these projects.

The home page features the largest image on the site, a full-screen image of the bar area at Italienne under BCD’s slogan: “From Concept to Concrete®”.

Another interesting area on the home page is the testimonial slider, which cycles through 28 client testimonials! If you have them, show them, amIright? 😀

All the interior pages have a large header image featuring different projects. Again, we wanted to make sure these images grabbed the user and made them say “Wow!”. 

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