The Process

Phase 1: Pre-Project

First we’ll discuss your business and what you hope to achieve with a new website.

  • Usually over email or phone, we’ll talk about the details of the website, including sitemap, pages, extra features, etc.
  • Once I review all the specifics, I’ll send over my estimate outlining the scope of the project.
  • Finally, I’ll send my contract and your first invoice. The project will officially start after I receive the contract and deposit.

Phase 2: Design

If you need a logo and branding with your website, that will come first before we start on the website, as I take many design cues from the logo. I will put you in contact with a reputable and talented designer and stay in contact with you throughout the process. This usually takes around one to two months.

Next, I’ll create the home page design based on our discussions and send it to you for review. I use a program similar to Photoshop and provide you with a link that you can also share with others. This is just to show you what the site will look like if you decide to continue with the design as is. You can revise the design three times before we’ll discuss other options. We won’t move on until you are 100% satisfied and love the way your site looks!

Phase 3: Application

This phase is where I build the actual website! I apply the design and create all the interior pages with your content and integrate the features and functionality you requested. I also test for bugs as well as mobile and browser compatibility. The site is built on my server, and then once I receive final payment, I will move the site to your server or hosting environment.

Phase 4: Final Feedback

Now that the website is ready, I want to hear your final feedback! If there is anything that needs tweaking I will make the changes before the site goes live. As with the design phase, you get three revisions for the interior pages as a whole.

Phase 5: Launch & Training

In this phase, the website is made live for customers to see. Training is included to learn how to use the CMS so you can make changes to the website yourself.

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