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The new face of BCD.

BCD is the premier real estate brokerage and construction management firm for developing food and beverage brands. Their wide range of clients includes Bareburger, Dos Torros, Benihana, Mexicue, Jersey Mike’s, and Five Guys, just to name a few.

This website was built with Divi using my custom-built child theme. As far as development goes, the website is simple in that there is no added functionality or features. The site is purely informational with the exception of the contact form.

My favorite part about this website is the amazing photography. I love how the photographers were able to capture the look and feel of the design, it is truly stunning! With that in mind, I wanted to make sure the photos were front and center, immediately showing off these projects.

The home page features the largest image on the site, a full-screen image of the bar area at Italienne under BCD’s slogan: “From Concept to Concrete®”.

Another interesting area on the home page is the testimonial slider, which cycles through 28 client testimonials! If you have them, show them, amIright? 😀

All the interior pages have a large header image featuring different projects. Again, we wanted to make sure these images grabbed the user and made them say “Wow!”. 

Welcome to the web, Core Habits!

Jessica is a dream client. I’m so happy I was able to work with her, and I’m even happier that I get to host and maintain her website for the foreseeable future!

Core Habits by Jessica Lazos is a service dedicated to helping people improve their gut health by changing their daily habits. The logo was designed by Alex Hildebrand of Hildebrand Design Co. It’s gorgeous, right??! 😍 I used the colors he used in the logo for the accent colors throughout the site. The imagery used on the website stems from a stock photo, taken in a way that makes it look like it’s NOT a stock photo!

The website is built on WordPress with my modified Divi child theme. There’s not much to it aside from her blog and the wealth of information she provides about gut health and eating right. If her visitors want to keep up with her content, they can sign up for her mailing list and automatically get a free PDF download just for signing up! And once her clients decide on a program, they can make a payment on the website through PayPal.

Another interesting thing about this website is its TLD (top-level domain). We decided on “” (instead of .com) because of its uniqueness and probability of standing out. TLDs are becoming more and more popular, and it will not hurt your Google search results by using one.

Check out the live site! »

Another Squarespace website complete!

It was a pleasure to work with Joe on this website, one of my first Squarespace sites! He needed a redesign of his existing HTML website and chose Squarespace because of their attractive templates and their tendency to be more cost-effective over WordPress websites.

I started out by looking at all the templates and choosing one that was as close to the desired look as possible. With Squarespace websites, there isn’t a whole lot you can do with regards to design, but arranging the client’s content in a way that flows and makes sense can be a bit of a challenge! As you can see below, Joe needed an English and Spanish version displayed simultaneously.

I added Spanish to the navigation menu:
English and Spanish

And I added it to his services listing:

We also used Spanish and English side-by-side on all the content pages:
Spanish and English

Check out the live site! »

The new Lewes in Bloom website has finally launched!!

I absolutely loved doing this website because of all the beautiful flower pictures! Lewes in Bloom is a non-profit organization promoting the beautification and preservation of historic Lewes, Delaware. They plant and maintain beautiful gardens throughout the city, as well as host events, provide tips and tricks for gardening, and teach children about gardens and plants with their Children’s Learning Garden.

The website is built using a highly customized WordPress theme (Divi) and uses Woocommerce for the shop. All images on the website were taken and edited by Lewes in Bloom member Sue Sandmeyer and cropped by me to fit into the website. The client’s #1 request was that we not use any green on the site, which is hard to do for a website about flowers! We chose the pretty off-red color and it works so well, especially with the subject matter. The layout for the website is pretty straightforward: a full-width header followed by organized text on a majority of the pages.

Lewes in Bloom Shop

There are 2 main features of the website: the shop and the gardens pages. The shop uses Woocommerce and Stripe to process payments. The client has been trained on how to add products to the store and has already added many of them on their own!

Lewes in Bloom Garden Page
The gardens pages feature a full-width image of the garden, followed by a list of the plants at the location. There is a sidebar on the left that includes a map of all the gardens and a list of each garden page so you can easily access the garden you’d like to see.

Introducing the new Lawyer Resources website!

This one was so fun to create because it was a little technical and required some serious thought (I love a challenge!). The logo was created by my colleague and good friend Jacob Williamson, of Jacob Williamson Design. The color scheme and typography for the website were chosen by me based on example websites from the client. I wanted to make sure the website turned out exactly as he envisioned Lawyer Resources, so I included ideas from as many of his favorite websites as I could.

This is a membership website, so guests have to sign up to see certain pages and have access to certain resources. There is a free and a paid option, and the website uses the Stripe payment gateway (with SSL) to complete the transaction directly on the website. There is also a forum feature, where logged-in users can post topics and replies.


As you can see, the website is also set up to show advertisements on the forum pages in a non-obtrusive way, further monetizing the website. Another important facet of this website is the template page, where we list numerous downloadable templates. These templates are protected, meaning only users can download them. We also used a plugin to track how many times each template has been downloaded. This will really help in determining which templates are most popular, as well as adding an option for version control if the client chooses to use it.

I used the Divi premium theme with this one, and I will be using it for all my projects going forward. Yes, it’s that good!!

What do you think of the new site?


I’m so excited to launch the new For Goodness Cake website!

This one has been a long time coming. Last year, I was desperate for portfolio work. I had already built two fictitious websites, and I knew I needed more. But coming up with fake businesses and content isn’t easy and it’s time consuming, so I started looking around at people I knew who had a business but weren’t quite ready for a website. Fortunately for me, I have a friend who was just starting her cake decorating business at the time. I asked her if I could use her business name, images, and other materials she used for her business so I could build a website around it- and she said yes! It was a win-win, I got to use the website in my portfolio, and she had a ready-to-go site for when she decided to implement one!
Original For Goodness Cake Website

This is the original site I did a year ago. Not too bad for someone who was two months into their freelancing career! Originally, I thought it was logical to have each new cake as a blog post, so she could write a little something about it and it’s ingredients and they would all display from newest to oldest. Once the site launched, we quickly bagged that idea because she basically had to write something about each cake, and who has time for that? She bakes a lot of cakes! So we decided to go with a gallery-style site. We separated the images into categories: Birthdays, Wedding Cakes, Cookies, etc. and gave them their own separate pages with an image gallery. This way, a customer can go directly to the gallery they want and immediately see all the images relevant to that category. The website also featured a pricing table and an area for customers to pay online with PayPal.

New & Improved For Goodness Cake Website

Fast-forward to now: it’s a year later, and I have learned so much since then. So I suggested we update the website! As you can see, we kept the gallery-style pages, which really work great for this website. We ditched the PayPal payments because no one ever paid online anyway, and we kept the pricing menu. The biggest change to this website is the overall style. It’s full-width, modern, classy, simple, and elegant all rolled into one! It also shows off the pink and black in the logo without overpowering it. Another big change we made to the website is the addition of the “Happy Customers” page! This page is so cool, you can upload a picture of yourself with a cake baked by For Goodness Cake for a chance to be featured on the website! The slider shows off all their smiling faces so well, and gets people excited about the brand and the experience of a custom-decorated cake. Also featured on that page are some testimonials she’s collected, which are ALL rave reviews!! We also got rid of the contact form and replaced it with a “Request a Custom Creation” form. The contact form was used as a way to initiate a conversation about what kind of cake they want, flavor, etc. so we thought we should combine the two forms to take out some of the back-and-forth of the emailing process. A lot of her customers like to email her pictures of cakes as an example of what they want, so we added a place in the form where customers can upload an example picture as well.

This website is one of my favorites so far! Let me know what you think about it!

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